Marine birds used to detect poachers

Although fishing boats must remain identified in exclusive economic zones (EEZ), poachers silence their transmitters. To detect them, the ERC Ocean Sentinel project has equipped petrels and albatrosses with the new Centurion signalling/navigation device. This makes it possible to locate boats by their radar, which is never turned off, whilst the behaviour of the birds reveals whether fishing is in progress or not. These birds cover such a wide area that fitting 80 of them, spread between the Crozet and Kerguelen islands, with the Centurion tag is enough to monitor the EEZ of these archipelagos and beyond. The team led by Henri Weimerskirch, senior researcher at the Chizé Centre for Biological Studies (CEBC)1CNRS/Université de La Rochelle, plans to extend the project to New Zealand, Hawaii and the Galapagos.