MASSAR convertors follow pixel tendencies

How can we keep pace with cameras and digital video recorders that promise images of ever-improving quality? MASSAR convertors were developed by the start-up Xdigit, derived from research at the Techniques of Informatics and Microelectronics for Integrated Systems Architecture (TIMA)1CNRS/Grenoble INP/Université Grenoble Alpes and Subatomic Physics and Cosmology (LPSC)2CNRS/Grenoble INP/Université Grenoble Alpes laboratories. These convertors offer a new form of architecture that makes it possible to convert the analogical signal of an image sensor into a digital code. The Grenoble-based company draws its expertise from high energy physics, where pixel matrix particle detectors show similarities to those used in imaging. MASSAR stands out by its conversion speed, without taxing the resolution, consumption or surface of the circuit. It was awarded a prize in the 2017 French i-LAB championships.