Fighting chronic diseases by defeating the digestive tract

A French research team1CNRS, Université Grenoble Alpes, Grenoble-INP, Vetagro Sup has developed an innovative procedure aimed at diffusing bacteria capable of regulating the intestinal flora directly into the digestive tract. Once a device made up of a supple ribbon colonized by bacteria is anchored into the stomach by simple endoscopy, the bacteria float freely into the intestine. The efficacy of the system has been demonstrated in an animal model and will soon be tested in humans, coupled with a robotic-capsule destined to analyze the intestinal microflora. In the future, medical devices of this type should allow a wide range of chronic illnesses to be treated. A miniature stethoscope that can be implanted in the stomach and has already led to the creation of a start-up could thus contribute to preventing heart failure.